Content is the central piece in Customer Experience Management. Given the explosion in the volume of content that is produced every day, it is essential that organizations have a content strategy. A Web Content Management System can help organizations do end-to-end management of their website content, be it content production, storage, management or website design. This whitepaper gives detailed insights on-

bulletsThe role of content in the digital age and the need for a content strategy 
bulletsOverview of Content Management System and the CMS ecosystem (Drupal Vs. WordPress Vs. Joomla)
bullets Benefits that organization can accrue with a WCM
bullets Choosing the right CMS basis business goals
bulletsMust-have features in a WCM from a business and IT perspective
bulletsTop 10 questions to ask a WCM vendor
bulletsCase Study -WCM successful implementation

Download this whitepaper to understand how on-boarding a WCM system can help you to better manage your customer experience.

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